Dr. N, a frontline hospital doctor was referred to me by her work colleague. After a period on maternity leave planning her return to work, lead Dr. N and her husband to review what cover they had in place, especially had the couple had three dependant children. Dr. N was mortified to discover that the family had no form of standalone provisions in place.

Due to being in lockdown at the time, our financial meeting was conducted virtually, and our detailed discussion highlighted a shortfall in protection for herself and her family, protection to cover her mortgage liability and as the main breadwinner for the family, protecting her income beyond what the NHS sick pay scheme provided. What was clear was that Dr. N had a willingness to address the need areas highlighted following an assessment of her current financial position, and agreeing a budget based on the outcome of her income and household expenditure.

A suitable number of protection plans were presented and implemented all via using secure technology. From initial enquiry to implementation Dr. N and her family were adequately protected in a matter of days. Dr. N is now aware of the importance of regular reviews and keeping on top of her finances with an agreement to meet annually.

The advice provided to Dr. N was given after a full evaluation of their specific needs, circumstances and requirements. The solutions provided would not be suitable for most investors and the information provided does not constitute advice.

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