Chartered…… what’s the big deal?

Chartered…… what’s the big deal?

You hear the title Chartered financial planner, Chartered associate, Chartered financial advisor but what does it really mean? Often you hear the word Chartered and associate this with an Accountant or a Legal professional but for Financial services professionals being Chartered is a symbol of technical competence demonstrating we are at the forefront of our profession, evidencing our professional standing by taking the time to remain up-to-date and relevant with our technical knowledge.

With an ever-changing financial landscape, we never stop learning. Chartered status is an accomplishment to financial services professionals, with a great deal of investment which is required to achieve and maintain status.

For a client being dealing with a chartered financial professional is just as important and should form part of the criteria when seeking financial advice. Client relationships are built primarily on trust and so working with a chartered financial professional provides reassurance of their competence; that they are a member of a professional body who abide by an ethical code of conduct who are committed to providing the highest quality advice, ongoing service and support.

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