Charitable Giving

‘Giving is the greatest act of Grace’

Charitable giving is one the many ways we can support a charity organisation which is close to our hearts. If you are feeling inspired to give something back, did you know that you can donate to charity through your business (dependant on your business structure)?

Limited companies can deduct money donated to charity from the taxable profit which in turn saves on corporation tax for the business. Who knew you could benefit from tax relief by donating to charity! Tax relief isn’t just limited to the pounds and pence you donate,but could also apply to the donation of Equipment and Trading stock, Land, Property and Shares.

Tax when your limited company gives to charity – GOV.UK (

For sole traders, partnerships, Directors, and Individuals, whilst there is no specific business tax benefit, you can help the charity to save tax in the form of gift aid from any personal contributions you make, with the charity benefitting from 25p for every £1 donated.

At Palatine Financial Planning Limited, we are proud to regularly donate to The Haven Wolverhampton, a charity close to my heart. As a woman and a mother, The Haven Wolverhampton work tirelessly to support women and dependant children who are vulnerable to domestic abuse and homelessness with a vision that all women and children can live in a society free from oppression, homelessness, and abuse.

By supporting The Haven Wolverhampton, our donations go towards helping them to offer a range of service and activities benefitted by many women and children across the region, which includes but not limited to 24/7 helplines, safe accommodation counselling, therapy, and children’s services.

‘Charitable giving means more fulfilled living’ ….

Happy donating!